Evaluation is a systematic collection and analysis of data to assess the strengths and weaknesses of programs, policies, and organizations to improve their effectiveness.

  • Do your indicators of success represent the true value of your work?
  • Are your goals measurable using realistic resources?
  • Have you integrated the ongoing and final evaluation with your program goals?
  • Do you need help in articulating the value of your work to funders, governing or advisory groups, and program participants?
  • Do you know how to select an appropriate evaluator?

Evaluation should be part of the planning process to establish realistic goals resulting in measurable outcomes that reflect the importance of your work.

We can help you translate your vision into evaluation plans, activities and reports that measure outcomes and communicate their impact to your funders, peers, and audiences.

Recent Projects

  • Evaluation and implementation plans for a university‚Äôs new field program
  • Evaluation of undergraduate research internship programs focused on diversity
  • Quantitative analysis of metrics for a social science, non-profit organization
  • Evaluation planning for a science museum exhibit
  • Building frameworks for art-science collaborations

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