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What’s going on in Broader Impacts?

The Earth Science Division of NSF has mined text data in science proposals to find out what is being done to move science impacts out of the lab and into society – the’ broader impacts’. AAAS Fellow Justin Lawrence presented the results of this study at a recent Geological Society of America meeting.

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Resources for STEM Evaluation

Your governing or advisory board, external funders, and stakeholders are clamoring to know how you’ve spent your money and what good it has done. How do you evaluate the impact of your work and effectively communicate this to the people who care?

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On Scientists Becoming Evaluators

Good evaluation is not necessarily done by social scientists. Neither does a PhD in science ensure a qualified evaluation. On the positive side, scientists have the content knowledge to delve into important questions needed for significant evaluation. They have insights about the scientific community expectations. They also have the language and culture to work with STEM people. Scientists can learn the profession of evaluation, gaining the right knowledge, expertise, and experience.

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On the Education of Stakeholders

What is evaluation and who is qualified to do it? Evaluation is not the same as social science research but, on the other hand, is a rigorous and systematic approach to measuring impact. This blog, written for the STEM interest group of the American Evaluation Association, brings up some questions about who understands what about evaluation.

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What does collaboration mean to you?

Although science today is characterized by large research teams, and funders commonly look for evidence of collaboration among organizations, do you really collaborate? Collaboration means working with other people toward a common goal – toward something bigger than could be accomplished by individuals or organizations by themselves.

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