Susan Eriksson

Susan Eriksson is a leading authority in building successful education and outreach programs from planning and evaluating to communicating the results.

She has

  • built a variety of scientific education/outreach projects and award-winning programs,
  • worked in senior management to build institutions,
  • created and lead successful teams,
  • mentored students, staff, young professionals and seasoned faculty,
  • received and implemented over 8 million dollars in grants and contracts,
  • served as reviewer and panelist for numerous grant programs,
  • worked closely with advisory and governing boards.

Susan has an integrated view of Earth, organizations and people who strive to study and sustain our planet and its people.  She is building a new initiative to support people connecting in geoscience with the arts,

About Eriksson Associates

Eriksson Associates recruits talented and experienced people to fill specific needs on an ad hoc basis:

  • quantitative analysis
  • graphic design for displaying data
  • publication design and production
  • photo research
  • editing and proofing
  • specific evaluation techniques