What’s going on in Broader Impacts?

EAR-wordcloudThe Earth Science Division of NSF has mined text data in science proposals to find out what is being done to move science impacts out of the lab and into society – the’ broader impacts’. Justin Lawrence, a AAAS fellow, presented the results of his study at the 2014 Geological Society of America meeting in Vancouver.  He’s provided a pdf of  NSF-EarthSciences-BroaderImpacts with a summary of over 100 keywords to describe activities in thousands of proposals. The results are presented in a word cloud representing the relative proportion of types of activities. As Justin noted in his talk,  this gives the community opportunity to ’round out’ the EAR portfolio!

To read his complete abstract, go to the Geological Society of America website which publishes the abstracts.

You can also see examples of ‘good’ projects addressing broader impacts by subscribing to EAR to the Ground. Directions for subscribing are printed at the bottom of the newsletter.

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